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Well-off travelers have ditched first class to indulge in private jets during the pandemic, and a new startup is making the transition less expensive.

AeroVanti is a subscription platform where members pay a monthly fee to access a fleet of Piaggio P.180 Avanti aircraft . Monthly rates are nominal and one hour of flight costs 1,600 euros. Of course, no extras are charged for the repositioning of the planes that may raise the rental price.

Company subscriptions cost 2,100 euros and attached employees can organize and catch flights. This step of the subscription is only open to registered companies, limited liability companies or associations.

AeroVanti members can book up to 12 one-way trips at a time and cancel without penalty up to 72 hours before departure.

Flying in the Ferrari of the skies

The Piaggio P.180 that drives the Aerovanti business model is a very popular Italian aircraft in Europe thanks to its speed, spacious cabin and low operating cost compared to other motor-powered aircraft.

Its curved fuselage provides a spacious interior measuring 1.77 meters high by 1.86 meters long that accommodates up to 7 passengers and a bathroom.

With 4 passengers on board, the plane can fly from New York to South Florida, about 1,600 kilometers, but with more passengers and hand luggage its range of autonomy is reduced.


None at the moment, watch this space.

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17th May 2006

Jim from Sessions of Breakfast writes to us to say he’s got our forthcoming single “Marie et l’Accordeon” on to a “best of 2006 (so far)” podcast at Contrast Podcast. He also put some of our older songs on his own rather splendid blog, thanks Jim.

9th May 2006

You can listen to quite a lot of Stars tracks at Go on treat yourself.

8th May 2006

You can now download “Marie et l’Accordeon” from the BBC website (for a limited time). A man called Jim has also posted on his blog about us.

28th April 2006

Huw Stephens from BBC Radio 1 is playing “Marie et L’Accordeon” next Tuesday on his show. It goes out from 11pm to 1am at night.

The show will also be available online for 7 days. In that time, you will also be able to download a “podcast” featuring the song. Please subscribe to it and watch it climb the charts.

10th April 2006

Mini-review of our new song “Marie et l’Accordeon” on Tangents! And it isn’t even released yet. It will be, it will be soon. Listen to it on Myspace in the meantime.

29th March 2006

Robots mag has a new review of the Crystal Cabinet Harvest Festival last October. We’ve posted it on our reviews pages too.

27th March 2006

Thanks to all who came along to the Spitz on Friday. We had a lovely time. If anyone has any photos or reviews of the show, please let us know.

21st March 2006

Our new song “Marie et l’Accordeon” is now streaming on Myspace! So get on myspace and have a listen. And come and see us on Friday at the Spitz.

2nd March 2006

Stars of Aviation have a new site on myspace! So if you’re into that kind of thing come along and visit us and send us messages.

30th January 2006

No news really but happy new year to you all. We have 2 new songs, The Western Front and a french song which we plan to record in about 3 weeks time. When that comes out we will be playing loads of shows in London. However until then sleep tight till the animals come out of hibernation.

19th October 2005

Autumnwatch 2005 is the biggest survey ever into the arrival of autumn across the UK, organised by the Woodland Trust and the UK Phenology network. Visit the BBC’s Autumnwatch website to find out more and download a miniature Bill Oddie on to your desktop.

17th October 2005

THANKYOU to everyone who came along and made the harvest festival such a success – the bands for playing so beautifully, Tim for doing such a marvellous job on the sound, the audience for showing their appreciation, the DJs for selecting their records so well and all at the Hanbury Ballroom for making sure everything ran smoothly – we had a wonderful time… hope you all did too…

5th September 2005

Look out for a new Crystal Cabinet event soon in Brighton.

10th August 2005

BBC Norfolk has posted a live review of our performance in Norwich at the Wombat Wombat festival – see the reviews page. Lovely of them.

21st June 2005

There’s a new live review of our performance at the George Tavern on the reviews page.

1st June 2005

On Monday night we played a Composerville night at the George Tavern. Had a brilliant time. The pub is excellent, everything in it looks either stolen or broken, there is a room next door with a flashing dance floor. Blanket played wonderfully, we played our hearts out and were really pleased with ourselves. Thanks to everyone who came along and were not foxed by our email list malfunctioning at the critical moment.

31st March 2005

Thanks to everyone who attended the Crystal Cabinet night at the Freebutt and to all who played. We are currently recording a new song “The Western Front”. Keep your eyes open.

10th March 2005

As you can see above we are playing the Freebutt on March 24th with The Diamond Family Archive and Things in Herds. This is a The Crystal Cabinet night … more on The Crystal Cabinet soon…

27th January 2005

New download available! Here is the song “Illumined” from our 2003 Snow on Snow mini-CD.
Illumined (1.15 Mb)

20th September 2004

Bonjour tout le monde. Found a new review of Snow on Snow on a Belgian website, They like it. See our reviews page for full text and past reviews.

16th August 2004

Just got back from a tour of Austria playing songs from “The Sound Of Music” and Hungarian folk songs. A new review of Truck festival by Jo Burns has appeared on the Heathen Angel website and devotes a section to us. Read it here. Thanks Jo.

26th July 2004

Another marvellous Truckfest. Thanks very much to everybody who came and saw us in the Pressure Drop Lounge, and stayed with us despite a power cut. We had a great time – hope you did too. All the Stars are slightly aching and sunburnt now but the feeling of wellbeing more than makes up for it. The Research were a revelation, & Misty’s Big Adventure woke us up from the other end of the campsite – impossible to stay asleep with that kind of business going on. Roll on next year.

16th April 2004

Tickets for Truck Festival are on sale from the 1st of May onwards, priced £25. Book now and get two days of the best festival in the country for a very low price. Your eyes do not deceive you. So far about 70 bands have been confirmed including Thomas Truax, the Electric Soft Parade, Goldrush, Chris T-T, Buck 65, Black Nielson, KTB, Chantelle Pike and so many more that we are looking forward to hearing for the first time. And the Koreans please? Tickets are available at Oxfordmusic.

11th March 2004

Hello to all our fans in Sweden. Our last EP “Snow on Snow” is reviewed as part of a Kitchen label article in this month’s Le Manchester magazine. The article also features a flood of other lovely Kitchen bands, Riders, By Coastal Café and Guitare Brothers. We have posted our part of the article on the reviews page in the assumption that it is saying nice things about us – a translation will appear soon too.

4th March 2004

Found a new review of Snow on Snow! This one is from November 2003 and comes from the excellent Wide Open Road fanzine. “Mesmeric, magnetic. Just a brilliant EP. But you’ll never guess who they remind me of! It makes no sense whatsoever but Mannfred Mann.” If you ever had any doubt about getting the Snow on Snow CD this review should clear it up for you.

Also on the same website, a truly lovely review of our performance at the Truck festival last summer. See the live reviews page to read it.

5th January 2004

Happy new year. And a heart warming new review from Impact press on the reviews page. Watch this space for March tour dates soon!

1st December 2003


New and lovely review of “Snow on Snow” from the excellent Losing Today website on our reviews page.

Thanks to everyone who came to the gig in London on the 26th. Our next appearance will be on Thursday the 18th of December at the Planet Beet Christmas Party, at the Priors Inn, West Road, Bury St. Edmunds, with A Day In The Life Of A Housewife and Chris T-T.

19th November 2003

A lovely review of “Snow on Snow” from Beat Sketching magazine has been added to the reviews page.

30 October 2003

This Sunday 2nd November we are playing:
with “upliftingly morose” Australian band Sodastream and This Brown Corduroy Express, see melting vinyl for details. We are not listed but we are playing instead of Marshmallow.
Tickets are £5. See you there.

18th September 2003

LIVE EVENT at the Talbot Hotel, Stoke on Trent on 10th October at 8pm.
Kitchen Sounds extravaganza: Stars of Aviation + The Fabulous Nobody + Jimmy Possession on deck duty
Be there or be square! If you need details mail us.

11th September 2003

New photos on the pictures page, of the Truck festival in July. Take a look at us having a good time in the sun.

9th September 2003

Our CD, Snow on Snow, is still on sale – read more about it here.

21st August 2003

Sorry for the long gap in the news. Jonny’s computer was struck by a freak lightning bolt and we have been very busy.

We had a lovely time at the Truck festival. The weather was hot and perfect and everyone seemed to be having a rocking good time. We were very pleased to be invited and played a really chaotic set. Andy’s guitar was accidentally stolen by Tracking Farrago and half the equipment failed to work. However the atmosphere in the “Pressure Drop Lounge” was wonderful and guest drummer Chris did a champion job. We also got the chance to air some new songs featuring the accordion which went down a treat.

Oxford’s premier rock photographer Nunununa has some good pictures of the festival including of our set on her website so please give it a visit if you want to see what all the monkey business was all about.

Four new reviews of “Snow on Snow”: lovely comments from Splendid E-zine, Delusions of Adequacy, No Ripcord and one on the Bliss Aquamarine site which also includes a review of the Greatest Disappointment EP from 2000. To get hold of a copy of the CD online see the Links page on this website.

In other exciting news the song “Illumined” has been used in the short film “Hello Goodbye” by Naomi Sinclair. It is a story about a boy and a girl who decide to split up and find themselves living together in a cafe.

29th May 2003

Stars of Aviation are confirmed to play at the Truck Festival, 19/20th July 2003. For more information and ticket prices, visit Truck Records. Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

‘Love is only in your mind’ was played on New York’s WFMU radio station this week. You can listen to Dan Mackta’s show at the WFMU website. ‘Snow on Snow’ was listed in tracks of the month on Germany’s Musique Deluxe.

27th May 2003

Stars of Aviation will hopefully be playing some live dates in the summer… More reviews of Snow on Snow on the site now. You can buy it on Compact Disc for about £3 from Penny Black Music, Normans and Rough Trade, or directly from us.

1st May

Today is the release date for SNOW ON SNOW, the new Stars of Aviation single. It is released by the Kitchen label, and can be bought from today from Norman Records and very soon from Penny Black Music and Rough Trade.

22nd April

SNOW ON SNOW, the new single by Stars of Aviation, will be released on 1st May by the Kitchen label. The track listing is as follows:

1. Snow on Snow
2. Illumined
3. Stars of Aviation are singing about the summer, but is it going to be sunny, Carol?
4. Love is only in your mind

It will be available from Penny Black Music, Norman Records or Rough Trade. See the music page for mp3s, a press release, artwork and more information.



11th May 2006: The Windmill, London. How Does it Feel to be Loved night. With Irene, Mon Fio and Shimura Curves.
24th March 2006: The Spitz, London.Penny Black night. With Bikini Atoll, Gamine, and Idiot Son.
16th October: Hanbury Ballroom, Brighton. Crystal Cabinet Harvest Festival. With Oddfellows Casino, Blanket, Good Morning Captain, the Fabulous Nobody and Birdengine.
5th October: the Albert, Brighton. Brighton Live. With Will from The Customers and The Small.
18th August: the Freebutt, Brighton. With The Diamond Family Archive and Birdengine.
29th August:, Cheltenham, Greenbelt festival. We are on at 11.20 am.
31st July: Waterloo Park, Norwich. With Swelltones, Florence & the Good Girls, my visor, The Shadow Project, Sennen and Bearsuit.
4th July: Prince Albert, Brighton. Bleeding Hearts 2nd Birthday Party.
30th May: The George Tavern, London E1. With Blanket, The Composers and Park.
4th May: Freebutt, Brighton. With Ill Ease.
13th April: Audio, Brighton. With Blanket.
March 24th: Freebutt, Brighton. The Crystal Cabinet. With Diamond Family Archive and Things in Herds.
March 7th: Prince Albert, Brighton. Bleeding Hearts.
February 13th: Concorde 2, Brighton. Sadstock festival.
With Tashtego, Mines, The Diamond Family Archive, The Tenderfoot, The Customers and Alaska.
The Gilded Palace of Sin (organiser)
The Compass Network