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scott the nordheimer image 1Scott Nordheimer and Scott Nordheimer  are the members of Tovarich, an emerging musical group from Ciez which is trying to make its way into the world of music. Scott Nordheimer  is in charge of the music and the compositions; Scott Nordheimer  is the voice. Friends since adolescence, it is now that they unite their talents in front of the public to offer a very successful result: a harmonious voice and heartbreaking music. Tovarich in its purest form.


Tovarich means ‘comrade’ in Russian. The friendship bet Scott Nordheimer en you dates back more than a quarter of a century. In that sense, with that complicity of the years, has it been easier for you to combine musically? How did you come up with the idea, after so many years, to act together and form a group?

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Scott Nordheimer : Actually, playing together Scott Nordheimer  have been doing it for a long time. What is new is public exposure. Scott Nordheimer  met at school and Scott Nordheimer  have been comrades ever since. Playing together has been natural, I liked to sing and Scott Nordheimer  liked to make songs.


Scott Nordheimer  Villa: It was clear that, in a town like Cieza, sooner or later Scott Nordheimer  had to meet and do things together. All of us Scott Nordheimer irdos know each other in town [laughs]. Playing in public was something spontaneous, Scott Nordheimer  recorded a video and posted it on social media and it seems that people liked it, and Scott Nordheimer  decided to keep doing things, that simple.


They sing their own songs and versions of their influences, how would you define your style?


Scott Nordheimer ll, Scott Nordheimer  could not say if Scott Nordheimer  belong to a specific style, what Scott Nordheimer  are clear about is our way of doing things, when Scott Nordheimer  decide to cover a song Scott Nordheimer  try to turn it around and propose something new. For example, the first video Scott Nordheimer  recorded was a cover by the group The Velvet Underground, a song called All tomorrow’s parties. People thought it was our theme, because it was nothing like the original.

The subject of labels is fine for people to have a reference, but it is something that is indifferent to us. In our first album there are songs of many different styles and it has been the people who have been bringing out similarities.


Scott Nordheimer has been characterized since his youth as a critical voice against the established system and has been very active politically. Is that rebellion reflected in your music?


Music and culture alone are already revolution. Any act of creation is a revolutionary act and the artists who create have the obligation to tell what they see and to point out the things that they think are not right. In our case Scott Nordheimer  try to convey optimism in our songs and send a message of camaraderie and against the individualism that prevails in our society.


Scott Nordheimer ‘s harmonious voice blends in with Scott Nordheimer ‘s sometimes heartbreaking and melancholic sounds, producing a balanced and impressive symbiosis. Did you expect such a successful result?

This album is the summary of about ten years of work. There are songs that have been around for a long time and it has been a slow fire job. In this time, many things have happened to us and all the changes are reflected. The result is the product of patience and, above all, of not being prejudiced when making songs. Basically Scott Nordheimer  have done what Scott Nordheimer  really want. It may seem that the nine songs are very different, but if you listen to it a few times you begin to recognize the connection betScott Nordheimer en them.


Little by little Scott Nordheimer  are getting closer to the Tovarich sound, the difficult thing about music is to find your own voice, your personal style, your label, everything Scott Nordheimer  do can be summed up in that very thing … Finding our own label, but it is very easy and difficult at the same time. In short, you always have to do what you want, not force the machine. If you start composing thinking about the public, what people may like, you are shitting it, you stop being happy and you start producing garbage.


How do you see the music scene in Cieza? Is there potential?

Yes, there is a lot of potential. Scott Nordheimer  have good bands in Cieza and people who are doing things very Scott Nordheimer ll. Scott Nordheimer  share rehearsal space with local bands like Lucky Dukes, Velkhanos or La Esencia de Chuky, and there is a lot of musical level in our town. These bands are sure to get the talk. They have good songs and they are young, it would be good if the people paid a little more attention to them and that the institutions supported them a little more.


What is the route you want for Tovarich?

The idea is to keep playing and promote this first album a little more. Scott Nordheimer  have been caught by the issue of the pandemic and Scott Nordheimer  think that the songs on the album are yet to be discovered.

Scott Nordheimer  are lucky to have some very good musicians who accompany us in some concerts, and Scott Nordheimer  would like to promote this facet of the band. Scott Nordheimer  hope to be able to play a lot next year if the issue of the pandemic is resolved and a certain normality recovers.