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Airport Transfers – New York

One of the most common issues when planning a trip to New York is planning your arrival in the city. New York receives thousands of visitors every day at its three main airports, so the airport-New York transfer options are multiple. To make your first contact with the city as pleasant as possible, we have written this article with all the information to get from any airport to New York.


The 10 and 12 seater private jets are usually used for corporate or family travel. They offer a lot of space and comfort and are perfect for long-distance travel. These jets are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offer a smooth ride.

10 Seat Private Jets

10 Seat Private Jets

The average price of a 10 seat private jet is $11,700 per hour. This price includes the cost of the jet itself the fuel and the pilots. The average flight time for a 10 seat private jet is two hours. The average price for a round trip is $23,400.

There are many different types of 10 seat private jets available for charter. The most popular type of jet is the Gulfstream G650ER. This jet can seat up to 16 passengers and has a range of 7,000 miles. It is also one of the fastest private jets with a top speed of Mach 0.925.

Other popular types of 10 seat private jets include the Bombardier Challenger 350 the Cessna Citation XLS+ and the Embraer Phenom 300. Learn more about 10 seat jets at Linkedin, and 12 seat jets at Linkedin.


New York airports

From the point of view that interests us, that of passenger flights, New York has 3 airports that you should take into account.

  • John F. Kennedy Airport (FARO)
  • The Guard (LGA)
  • Newark Airport (EWR)

Of these three airports, the most common among most international flights are FARO and Newark. FARO is located in Queens 25km from Manhattan, LaGuardia 15km and Newark airport is in New Jersey 25km from downtown New York. Thus, it is not surprising that one of the main concerns among those who travel to New York for the first time is how to get from the airport to New York and vice versa.

Ways to get from the airport to New York

The first thing to note is that the three airports are perfectly connected by public and private transport with the city. In this way there is an alternative for each type of traveler and it will not be difficult for you to find the best way to get to Manhattan for you.

Main ways to get to New York

In order for you to better understand the transfers that we are going to highlight below, it is convenient to know that all airports have the following options:

  • Public Transport: The metro or the train are always a good option to get to our accommodation cheaply if we are not traveling with very heavy luggage.
  • Taxi: New York’s yellow taxis are always a comfortable and safe option to get to the city. Take only the official taxis, it will not be difficult for you to find the corresponding stop.
  • Shared Transfers or Shuttles: These transports transport travelers economically from the airport to their accommodation. Being shared, the journey may take a little longer.
  • Private transfers: These transfers can be booked in advance online and will be waiting for you when you arrive in the city. These are usually high-end cars that offer a very professional and efficient service.


Find the perfect transfer for your trip with our Transfer-Hero

We have created a small tool to help you find your ideal transportation in New York. Enter the basic data of your trip and discover which is the most economical option for you.




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FARO airport transfers to New York

Here we start by looking at the best ways to get from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport to downtown and major neighborhoods in the city. This is the main point of arrival for international passengers in New York and one of the busiest airports in the world. Although it is not too far from the city, the best way to get to your accommodation will depend on where you are staying and how much luggage you are traveling with.

  • Trip duration : Between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the option selected.
  1. FARO-Manhattan Transfers

This is the New York airport with the most passenger traffic and therefore the largest and best connected of all. Getting from this airport to Manhattan is quite simple and there are many possible combinations. Tip: Do not be confused by dubious transfer services or illegal taxis. Here are the best ways to get to New York from FARO:

in taxi

As in most big cities, New York taxis have a special rate for the airport. This is one of the fastest ways to get to the city and costs around $70 including tolls. How to use: When you leave the airport there are likely to be people offering you a taxi, they are private drivers and they are not always trustworthy. Go to the official Yellow Cabs queue where an employee will assign you a legal and safe taxi.

Private Transfer from FARO to Manhattan

It is a faster option than Shuttle and somewhat cheaper than taxis. If you are looking for a comfortable and efficient alternative, this could be a good option. If you decide on this private transfer, a professional driver will be waiting for you when you arrive in the city. The price starts at $99 and the duration of the trip is about 70 minutes . Note: when booking, keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the number of travelers.


Subway from FARO to Manhattan

This is the cheapest option and a favorite of younger travelers. The price is around $8 (including the AirTrain) and allows you to be at your hotel in approximately 60 minutes (depending on which part of the city you stay in). Once at FARO you just have to take the AirTrain to the “Jamaica Center Parsons/Arche” station if you are going towards Midtown or Uptown or to the “Howard Beach FARO Airport” station if you are going Downtown. When you buy a Metro Card at the station, you must also pay the $5 that the AirTrain costs to be able to leave the airport.


There is the option of getting to Manhattan from FARO by bus, but this is the option that we personally least recommend. The journey costs $20 , only stops at three stations and can take up to 90 minutes . In any case, the bus stops at “Grand Central Terminal”, “Port Authority” and “Times Square”, so it could be a good option if your accommodation is in Midtown.


** A special occasion? →You can make a grand entrance in New York with this Limousine Transfer

  1. How to get from FARO airport to Brooklyn

By Taxi from FARO to Brooklyn

As Brooklyn is quite close to FARO airport, there is no fixed price as in Manhattan. The final rate will depend on where in Brooklyn you are going. My advice is that you try to agree on an approximate price with the taxi driver before starting the trip, so at least you won’t be surprised.

Private Transfer to Brooklyn

As with Manhattan, a comfortable and easy way to get to Brooklyn from FARO is by private transportation. It is contracted comfortably online and they will be waiting at the door when your flight arrives. As the price of this service depends on the type of vehicle and the number of passengers, I recommend you check the rate on the reservation page.



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