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Why do we need a campaign?

Since the trials of 2014, many communities continue to be blighted by increased aircraft noise and the level of public outcry is growing.

  • An increase in aircraft noise coincided with the trials and has not gone away since the trials ended
  • Community pressure has resulted in independent analysis which confirms an increase in the number of flights, lowering of altitude and concentration of flight paths – all of which contribute to noise
  • Period of noise can now be from as early as 4.30am until 11.30pm depending on wind direction
  • Many 3 Villages residents are now suffering as a result of concentrated flight paths over our area – changes which have been made without Consultation or Government approval.
  • Our MP and Councillors are fully aware of the issues but taken no action taken despite being provided with the results of independent data verification (secured as a result of campaign groups) from Heathrow. Why?
  • An expanded Heathrow means an additional 240,000 planes a year that means an even worse situation – with possibly one plane every 2 minutes!
  • Third runway might have been approved in principle – but the fight against this decision has only just begun! It failed before, it will fail again.


What is the group doing?

3 Villages campaign has been instrumental & actively involved in:.

  • Securing the early end of flight trials in November 2014
  • Ensuring Heathrow installed a Noise Monitor locally, the data from which is now being analysed
  • Writing to MPs and Government Ministers demanding our skies are returned to pre-trial levels
  • Collaborating with other local, regional and national campaign groups – all experiencing the same increased noise issues. Over 31 noise groups now exist and the number rising every week!
  • Meeting with the DfT, responsible for the regulation of the aviation industry, as well as CEO of Heathrow and NATS.
  • Raising the issue of noise on health with Government
  • Demanding the aviation industry is held accountable for the impact of noise on communities resulting from any changes it makes to airspace or procedures
  • Demanding a full parliamentary inquiry into current noise levels ahead of any decision to expand Heathrow
  • Supporting by any means possible those groups who will mount a legal challenge to the irresponsible decision to approve a third runway. The fight is not lost – it has just begun!

Excluding Heathrow commitment in Tory manifesto won’t fool anyone, Lib Dems warn

The Liberal Democrats have warned Theresa May she “won’t fool anyone” if plans for a third runway at Heathrow are absent from the Tory manifesto. Full Telegraph article

Anyone can submit an email to the PM so I have today sent her my own message:

Dear Mrs May
Brexit may be the issue on which you consider this election should be based, but I can assure you that for thousands of people, your spectacular volte face on the issue of Heathrow expansion will determine who receives their vote.
The impact politicians will have on life simply pales into insignificance when compared to the intolerable adverse and long-term impact of an expanded Heathrow to the environment, quality of life, health and well-being of thousands of people, most particularly mine!

As no decision has yet been made as it is remains subject to a vote in the HoC, Heathrow expansion must be included in your manifesto so that those most likely to be affected by the adverse consequences of an expanded Heathrow for many years beyond a single term of parliament, can make an informed decision at the ballot box.
Yours sincerely
Rosalie James

DfT refuses to hold Heathrow expansion consultation events in Surrey Heath – but at our May 10 event you can have YOUR say!

In 2014 Flight Path trials brought unprecedented levels of aircraft noise.   The Government is trying to consult on, and approve a third runway without knowing or telling people where flight paths will be. 260,000 additional aircraft means the use of concentrated flight paths, the effects of which we experienced during the trials of 2014!

The Government recently held a series of public consultation events on its recommendation to expand Heathrow but deliberately excluded many areas known to be affected by aircraft noise, including Surrey Heath .   A decision Cllr Mike Goodman (SCC) called ‘utterly perverse’ when he challenged the government’s decision to exclude Surrey Heath.   The rushed consultation (details at has been described by many as deeply flawed with vital information excluded.

Aircraft Noise 3 Villages has organised a drop in event to provide information and Freepost response cards (the most important postcard you may ever send!) on:

Wednesday May 10th between 6pm and 9pm 
Olive Room
St John’s Church
Church Road
Windlesham GU20 6BL

This event is open to anyone, from any area – please spread the word and encourage as many people to attend or respond to the consultation as possible.   Full event details

Even BA suggests the cost of crossing the M25 should be worked out before runway plan

Heathrow’s expansion should be suspended until plans to build a runway over Britain’s busiest motorway have been assessed, ministers have been told.    The owner of British Airways said that the development should not be confirmed until detailed plans for the M25, which will pass under the third runway, are finalized.    Source:  The Times April 3


What WE can do

With the Government’s Future Airspace Strategy heralding unprecedented changes, there are many within Government and the Aviation industry making decisions on current airspace use WITHOUT CONSULTATION or responsibility for the impact of NOISE and pollution these changes are bringing to communities.

The introduction of concentration and Precision Based Navigation has brought many communities into the noise footprint of Heathrow and many more may be yet to experience the same unwelcome increase in aircraft noise in the future. The immediate impact has been felt by many – these issues are irrespective of any expansion of Heathrow.

COMPLAIN when you are disturbed – (always include your name & address otherwise the complaint may not be registered). We can’t say it often enough – the number of complaints IS not only reviewed by Government but also Heathrow to identify ‘hot spots’ of noise issues.

Write to or email your MP, local councillors and those within the industry and Government responsible for the decisions which will determine our future noise experience.

Spread the Word! Many people being affected are still unaware there is a campaign group trying to address the issue. We have flyers available if you would like to distribute in your immediate road or area, please send an email and we will be happy to drop some to you.

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