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Kind of a sad aviation site informing of folks passing. Check out the Royal Navy site to learn more.

Paul (Toose) Laverty – RIP (Funeral Update)
Gentlemen I am sorry to say that Toose lost his battle with cancer last night. He fought all the way to the end. RIP mate Continued…

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By Stan Smith – 19/12/2014

To all Chockheads; Stand clear of propellers, Jet Pipes and Intakes – start up!

and let the celebrations begin with Seasons greetings to you all Continued…

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By Tom Nolan – 09/12/2014

Jim Smalley – RIP
Jim Smalley RIP
Good afternoon, I am e-mailing to inform you of the death of Jim Smalley at 09.10 this morning 16 Oct 14. The Continued…

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By Swede Fearnley – 16/10/2014

Ken Westell – RIP (Update Funeral Arrangements.)
Ken Westell

Gentlemen very sad news I’m afraid, our dear friend, Shipmate and staunchest supporter, Ken Westell, Crossed the Bar at 05.30 this morning Tuesday October 14th. Continued…

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By Swede Fearnley – 14/10/2014

Do I owe you. If so, how much and BACS for fee please.

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By Peter Russell – 11/10/2014

John Bullock – RIP
Received from John’s son.
It is with great sorrow that I have to announce the death of John Michael Bullock of Stapleton, Bristol. Dad passed Continued…

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By Swede Fearnley – 10/10/2014

825 Naval Air Squadron Commissioning
825 Naval Air Squadron will be holding a commissioning in October 2014 at RNAS Yeovilton. It will be the AW159 Wildcat HMA.2 training squadron and Continued…

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By AHA Webmaster – 12/09/2014

Graham Benbow – RIP (Updated)
Had a phone call from Dixie Dean with the sad news that Graham Benbow died yesterday 3.9.14. after a battle with cancer. Further info/details to Continued…

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By Tony Melia – 04/09/2014

Brian “Tich” Hewett – RIP
I had a phone call from Mary that Brian passed away yesterday from cancer Brian was not a member but served in the branch from Continued…

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By Joe Marshall – 21/08/2014

Eddie “Willie” Watkins – RIP
Had a call earlier from Ron Marsden, to inform us that Willie CTB last Weds. Willie served in the Branch from 1954 – 1970 and Continued…

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By Swede Fearnley – 20/08/2014

Malta Air Show
I am writing to inform aviation enthusiasts of the Fleet Air Arm and RAF Associations that the 21st Edition of the Malta International Air Show Continued…

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By AHA Webmaster – 18/08/2014

Bob “Noddy” Cruickshank – RIP
Bob Cruickshank