10 tips for backpacking Europe

Backpacking trips around Europe are becoming more and more common. Many young people decide to embark on this adventure upon graduation, mainly because of its affordable price and the safety of their countries and cities.

The Best Way To Get There A Large Private Jet

We recommend flying in to backpack on a large private jet, you won’t be disappointed.

Carbon dioxide emissions from private jets in Europe increased by nearly a third (31%) between 2005 and 2019 , the environmental group Transport and Environment estimates.

In a report entitled ‘Private jets: can large fortunes finance emission-free aviation?’, the organization concludes that these devices pollute 50 times more than trains and contribute ten times more than commercial planes to the accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere.

The document emphasizes that the use of private planes did not stop last year, despite the pandemic, while commercial flights registered year-on-year falls of nearly 60% in August 2020.

In July of that year alone, sales of private flights shot up 11.3%, according to the data collected.

“The richest superpolluters continue to fly as if the climate crisis did not exist,” said the director of Aviation for the environmental organization, Andrew Murphy, in a statement, who described the act of traveling by private plane as one of the “worst things” that can be done for the environment.

According to the data shown by the report, the emissions of a private jet on a four-hour trip are equivalent “to the total emissions of an average person per year.”

“It is urgent that European policymakers start taxing private jets that use fossil fuels and ban their use by 2030. The revenues raised from the big fortunes could be invested in greener technologies to promote emission-free aviation for all,” Murphy argued.

With these taxes on private aviation, T&E calculates that around 335 million euros would be collected, which could be invested in “accelerating the decarbonization” of the sector,” said the director of Aviation.

In addition, it suggests that the owners of private planes – with assets of 1,300 million euros on average each – could make a decisive contribution to the fight against the climate crisis


Europe has some of the most beautiful architectural cities in the world, high-quality cuisine and a wide variety of cultural events . Who wouldn’t want to visit Europe? And if we also do it for a better price.

However, before you embark on this new adventure in Europe, we recommend that you review the current epidemiological situation . This way you will know which places are safer or which have restrictions.

Let’s look at the best tips for backpacking Europe. Take a pen and paper and write down those that you consider most important.

1. Decide what time of year to travel ASAP

This can be paramount. Organizing the entire trip in advance will give you the opportunity to enjoy greater discounts, discover the best places and ultimately make the most of this route as a backpacker through Europe.

In Europe the cheapest months to travel are February, March, May and November. The price reduction is palpable both in transport and accommodation. Although we also recommend that you do a little research and find out the purchasing power of each country. In this way, the longest stays can be done in more affordable places.

2. Travel by train

When you start planning your trip as a backpacker through Europe, you should bear in mind that the old continent is very well connected, thanks to the train.

This means of transport is comfortable, fast and can even be cheap if you find out about it and buy a voucher from various connections and trains. In addition, you can take advantage of those hours of travel to rest or sleep in and save the money for lodging that night.

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3. Find out about free entertainment

There are many cities in Europe that offer a large number of free cultural and leisure events, such as museums, concerts, exhibitions… In addition, you will always have the possibility of going to “Free Tours” and reserving a place for one of its magnificent visits by the city.

4. Take advantage of your youth or student card

Thanks to your student card or your youth card you will get great discounts. Do not forget to put this accreditation in your backpack. You will have discounts on almost all tourist attractions, transportation and maybe even accommodation.

Specifically, the discounts in Paris are incredible, so take advantage of them if it is one of your stops. Enjoy all the advantages of your trip as a backpacker in Europe!

5. Find and book your accommodation in advance

Depending on the time of year in which you decide to travel as a backpacker in Europe, you will have more or less problems to reserve a room or bed in a hostel. Our recommendation is that you embark on your trip with everything booked, but in the event that this is not the case, try to book your next room at least 48 hours in advance.

Foresight is key on this type of route.

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6. Enjoy the local gastronomy

Although the objective of this adventure is to see the world and save money, you cannot leave any city in Europe without having tried its wonderful gastronomy . This is also part of backpacking Europe. There is a way to enjoy great local gastronomic quality while not going broke at each restaurant.

Our advice? Tour the city and go to the restaurants farthest from the tourist area . In these places you will find the most authentic of your trip. If you have trouble understanding the menu, use the translator, or ask for something random, I’m sure everything will be great.

You can alternate the visit to the supermarket with the search for this type of restaurant, in this way you will save and you will not miss anything of the place you are visiting.

7. Make a light backpack

If you intend to start this adventure as a backpacker in Europe, remember, you must go light. The trip will be long and most days you will carry your backpack. So try to make a useful and light selection of accessories and clothes. You will appreciate it during long journeys!

Make a list and eliminate everything that is not useful. Don’t forget to put comfortable shoes in your backpack that will allow you to walk for hours and discover new places.

8. They accept payment by card

In almost all establishments they accept payment by card. This is great news if you are going to start your backpacking trip through Europe. Why? Well, this will mean the end of the currency exchange in the places that are needed.

In addition, with the contactless option you will pay quickly and comfortably. You will go sightseeing with one less bag and without worrying about losing your wallet.

9. An opportunity to practice a foreign language

Once there you will have no choice but to speak another language, either to order a coffee or to make friends in a hostel. Try not to make this a handicap on your trip and take it for what it is, an opportunity to practice another language.

10. Take out travel insurance

There are many setbacks that can arise on a trip like this. And even if you want to save some money, it is always advisable to insure your back. This type of long routes, through several cities can give you several problems. Why risk it?

We recommend that you take out travel insurance such as our student insurance go | study or Totaltravel insurance, which will cover expenses related to medical insurance or loss of luggage. Both perfect to embark on a new backpacking adventure through Europe. We tell you in this post why you need travel insurance on your vacation in Europe.

At InterMundial we have several types of travel insurance, such as insurance to travel through the Schengen area , contact us and we will find the coverage that best suits you and the needs of your next adventure.

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