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The most expensive private plane in the world for sale for 500 million euros


The royal family of Qatar wants to part with their B747-8 in a VIP version with capacity for 89 passengers. The five-star model is unique, as Boeing, its manufacturer, will stop marketing it.


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Experience. This is how it is to travel in a private jet for 5,000 euros per hour
It is a true five star hotel in the heights. For this reason, the B747-8, with an area of ​​450 square meters and six meters wide by 72 meters long, is considered the most expensive and luxurious private jet in the world. Translated into euros, its price figure is around 370 million euros on the market.

In the case of the model in question, the most VIP of its category, put up for sale by the royal family of Qatar, the price (although it has not been officially announced) could reach 500 million euros, since its interior is full of luxury objects and services. You can view private jets for sale at an industry leading aviation site like Controler.


EU-US: Airbus, we all need a negotiated solution

BRUSSELS – The introduction of duties by the EU on American products in the civil aviation dispute between Airbus and Boeing “represents an important step forward” because it “paves the way for negotiations” and a possible solution between Brussels and Washington. “We all need it.” Thus the CEO of Airbus, Guillaume Faury, speaking at a press conference on the situation of European aviation. “We appeal to the resolution of trade disputes and mainly that between the EU and the US”, added the French executive.

“We ask governments to talk to each other, coordinate measures and gradually reopen some routes, some corridors, testing for an area-based approach to air traffic. We can’t just wait for the vaccine.” This is the appeal launched by the CEO of Airbus, Guillaume Faury, during a press conference on the impact of the Covid crisis on the aviation industry. “In terms of production and deliveries we are today at about -40% compared to last year, if we were to go further it would not be without serious consequences for part of the supply chain”, warned Faury. Its value increases even more considering that Boeing, the company that manufactures this type of device, has announced that it will stop making it. The aircraft is adapted for 89 passengers to enjoy it, although it has a capacity for 450 people.


However, the owners preferred to reduce the capacity and have the space, divided into three floors, to their liking. For this, the device spent three years in Switzerland, where it was remodeled to the liking of its capricious owners. In the city of Basel in particular, they adapted it to accommodate 10 opulent suites equipped with the latest technology with their corresponding bathrooms, to which nine more must be added for the crew, consisting of 14 employees in total. This Boeing model has an area of ​​450 square meters. The luxurious equipment continues with seven kitchens distributed on the three levels, two meeting rooms, several libraries, a dining room with capacity for 14 people, 33 television monitors and tablets, a full-train decorated bar with comfortable armchairs, as well as an exclusive catering service that varies in each tour depending on the preferences of its users.


This B474-8 does not lack neither an infirmary in case of any mishaps on board nor a wide seating area for first class passengers and another for business. Even so, the only ones who have used this five-star flyer operated by Qatar Airways have been members of the royal family or high-ranking rulers of the Persian Gulf country. It is not his only whim in the air. They have more than a dozen luxury private jets similar to this B747-8, which came into their possession in 2012. Since then, no more than 1,000 hours have been used. Perhaps that is why they have decided to part with him now, as they did with his twin in the summer of two years ago. The Turkish government was bought it.


Jet shoppers can count on a specific network in the field of private aviation, they also have contacts with operators in the sector, companies, technicians and intermediaries, an indispensable aspect to connect those who have to buy a private jet with those who want to sell. your vehicle.

The factors to consider in such an operation are numerous, in fact it is not enough to find the person or company concerned, but it is essential to take care of many aspects that can guarantee the success of the deal in a short time and without problems.

One of the tasks of jet shoppers is precisely to identify any possible mishap, to solve it and make sure that the sale and purchase process can be carried out in the best way, with the utmost satisfaction of both parties involved. One of the most complex processes is the technical inspection of the private jet, an intervention that must be carried out by qualified professionals able to check the aircraft accurately, so that the state of the aircraft is certified according to the best safety standards.

After that, it is necessary to adapt the jet to the needs of the new owner, customizing some of the aircraft’s features such as the interior and the configuration of the furnishings. At the same time, it is necessary to complete all the paperwork, create an appropriate contract for the sale and manage the delicate phases of aircraft delivery. Jet shoppers simplify this whole process, offering a unique service thanks to skills that are difficult to find on the market.

What are the ways of buying a private jet
Obviously, the simplest and most immediate option is to buy a private jet entirely, becoming the sole owner of the plane.

This solution is suitable for those who use the aircraft a lot, amortizing the costs with the savings obtained in terms of time and increased productivity. However, there are other possibilities, with methods also suitable for those who do not fall into these cases but still need to move with maximum autonomy and speed.

This is, for example, fractional or shared ownership, buying the private jet together with other people to contribute only partially to the costs of maintenance, custody and possession of the vehicle.

Of course, the use of an aircraft for which you only have quotas involves having to follow some small precautions, including the need to provide the use of the private jet with a certain notice.

In any case, today the jet shopper remains fundamental in both cases: an increasingly sought-after figure, capable of guaranteeing greater safety and facilitating the facilitation of complicated operations such as the purchase and sale of private aircraft.